Wireless multimedia syncing with doubleTwist for Android

December 1, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

For Android and music fans, doubleTwist would probably ring some bells. ‘doubleTwist’  is popular among Android phone users for its features as all-in-one  music,video and radio application along with its syncing softwares for multimedia.Well , the company has decided to get to another level with its music player(doubleTwist) and they call it ‘AirSync‘.

The ‘AirSync’ features wireless syncing of multimedia such as music,photos,videos and playlists. To achieve these features, the doubleTwist desktop software needs to be downloaded along with the  AirSync app into your Android phone. The desktop software is free to download and available for both, PC and Mac. After doing this, launch the app installed in the Android device and just follow the on-screen instructions on how to pair the device with your computer.

With this feature added,doubleTwist might increase its chances of being the media-on-the go app with syncing program for Android devices. Wireless multimedia syncing has been around for a long time with Microsoft Zune. There are also other Android apps which are offering this feature. Recently, AOL released the Winamp (version 1.0) app for its Android devices which includes wireless syncing but only for music.

The only reason for doubleTwist to have such a healthy lead is because Google has not created any such app which can manage multimedia contents with wireless syncing features. They believe that a cloud-based version would be more useful to the consumer (user). In the future, Android is planning to offer the ability to sync or stream your home collections on your phone with upcoming versions. It makes you think about how is it going to affect the battery life of the device and offline access to the multimedia.

The upcoming Google Music service features buying tracks from the Android market  which does not seem to have the enthusiasm. Hoping that  Google’s cloud-based version catches on, it would be good to have a desktop syncing software which would provide functionality and productivity of Apple’s iTunes. Until this hope sees a light at the end of the tunnel, third party applications such as doubleTwist would have to be depended upon.

Source : intomobile, doubleTwist