Video:Playstation Phone running Gingerbread spotted


No, that's not bigfoot in that blurry pic, but something almost just as mythical: a Playstation phone running what is rumored to be Gingerbread (Android OS 2.3). Coming out of Greece, the still shot above goes along with the very blurry video included below, which claims to show the much talked about, rumored Sony Ericcson Playstation phone.

The video itself is very poor quality and doesn't reveal any new details, but the device is said to be running Android 2.3, and the person in the video claims the name Zeus was listed in the device settings, a codename Engadget reported on over a month ago. Maybe its a clever tease from Sony to build more hype behind the device that will hopefully see an official announcement soon. If the video doesn't do much for you, at least enjoy the soothing sounds.


Along with this lastest news, Mobile Crunch has posted a few details about the Playstation Phone, which were given by a trusted source of the site.

According to the source:

  • The screen is "mind-blowing", on-par (at least by the tipster's eye) with the iPhone 4′s Retina display. The person giving them the rundown on the display indicated that some of Sony's Bravia technology has trickled in here, with Sony Ericsson considering leveraging the Bravia brand when highlighting the display.
  • It won't ship in time for the holidays, with our tipster saying it was "nowhere near ready". According to their Sony Ericsson rep, the company is off-the-record-officially aiming for February. At this point, a launch scheduled around Mobile World Congress is nearly certain.
  • Sony Ericsson currently has the off-contract price floating somewhere around $500, with that purchase including 5 free games.
  • It's unclear whether the "Playstation Phone" is capable of running actual (downloaded) PSP games.
  • Games will be priced like mobile games, not like PSP games. In other words, expect sub-$10, not sub-$40.
  • The tipster confirmed that the "Z-System" name often thrown around the rumor mill is still in play, and that Sony-Ericsson reps used it to describe both the gaming platform and the distribution center. It's still unclear whether the game distribution will be done in a standalone application or through the Android Market, but our tipster was told that Google was working closely with Sony Ericsson to try and bring it all into a section of the Android Market exclusive to these devices.

Sources : Mobile Crunch, Engadget Video: Techblog GR