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Among the ebooks reading applications, Kobo has been staying at the back of the competition in the Android market. Kobo allows you to download ebooks into the device. Using the Wifi at home (preferable) , ebooks can be downloaded and saved into the device and offers offline reading. This application also provides the  option to create an "I'm Reading"  playlist which helps you to access your favourites.

Kobo was on its journey to a dead-end due to its limitations. One of the problems was the difficulty in reading ebooks that were not bought from Kobo's ebook store. Dont worry,they are back with an update which will resolve all the issues affecting the application.


Here are the list of changes applied to the application posted in Kobo's blog

  • The ability to search, add and read Internet Archive ePubs – that's over 1.9 million eBooks!
  • You can now read ebooks in the ePub format, no matter where they are purchased from (DRM free that is)
  • All of the great reading features available for books from our catalogue are available on books added to the library
  • We've made sideloading books easier and more customer friendly

From the list above, Kobo has improved its search engine to find books easier,issues related to sideloading has been taken care of and last but not the least, they can now support ePub (electronic publication) format. Since the update is still fresh, it is going to be difficult for Kobo to attract ereaders.Since Kobo is not as big as its competitors like Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Sony (expected in December) or Borders, it would still be a tough battle in the 'ebooks reading applications' regime.Well what are you waiting for?Go ahead and download the updated version of Kobo in the Android market. Alternatively, you can download the latest version of Kobo using the QR code given below –


Source : phandroid, Kobo blog

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