Touiteur Releases Update, Amazingness Ensues

December 10, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

Touiteur, arguably one of the most popular Twitter clients for Android, released update 2.0.1 to the market yesterday.

Between the release the other day of 2.0 and now the minor update, it seems that Level Up studios is trying to make Touiteur the best Twitter client available for Android. One of the things that they did change, which makes a lot of people happy, the free version of the app now supports the widgets. Below is both the changelog for 2.0 and the QR code if you want to check out all the buzz around Touiteur.  Or click here to install using AppBrain.

Read more for the full changes details.

– New widgets! Scrollable with compatible homes, added post widgets 2—1, 4—4, 4—3, 4—2.

– add better swipe navigation between columns (Android 2.0 and above)

– add in-app image previews (Premium/ads only)

– add a mute for users/specific text

– add advertisement for users without Touiteur Premium

– add a 4th columns to handle list/search/favorites/conversations

– the refresh in search view keeps your previous position (for live tweeting)

– show if a user is following us in the profile

– show if a user is verified in the profile

– show replies to a tweet

– store the uploaded pictures in the gallery

– show native retweets of your tweets in mentions (off by default)

– show a tiny avatar of the person doing a retweet

– add the possibility to change your profile bio/location

– fix make sure we always reply to the actual sender of a message

– fix native retweet in profile view should remain in that view

– fix handling of avatar with Unicode chars in the URL

– do the cache clearing in a thread so that the UI is still responding

– display all the favorites, not just the last 20

– long press on the hardware search button is now allowed and not blocked anymore

– added Czech, Norwegian and Brazilian translations

– Android 2.3 Gingerbread ready

– So much more!

You can check out the blog post from Level Up studios here.