The Samsung Galaxy Tab, One of the Best Android Devices Ever



The galaxy tab was something I have wanted a while, a tablet that is android and can be used in many situations, a good set up and quite responsive!



It looks like a big Galaxy S, it feels like a very nice device, It is clean and has good curves, Every model but he sprint is all black, the sprint model has a white back. It looks really good and again Sprint does WHITE!

It has a 1 GHz ARM Cortex A8 which is very nice, and it makes it fast, it also comes with 16 GB or 32 GB models and microSD slot. Furthermore you got 512 MB of memory, this makes it seem like a big Galaxy S, but it really feels different.



The screen has a display of 1024 — 600 px and is a 7.0 in (18 cm) diagonal screen, kind of good to know. The bigger screen gives a great resolution on a tablet and makes games l

ike angry birds and such really really clear! I love playing angry birds on the tab because it is so clear!



The battery is way bigger than any phone, it requires it to be bigger but it is really powerful and lasts a long time at 4,000 mAh. That is 4 times what some phones are! Not playing games or constantly online, you get a lot of life out of it.

Operating System


You get 2.2 on the tab, so that is not like the Galaxy S which is still stuck on 2.1 almost anywhere you go. 2.2 is fast and easy to use on the tab and changes a few subtle things, of course you get Flash and Adobe Air on the tab. You get the speed of the 2.2 browser and just minor things that I am not sure if they are 2.2 changes or tab updates.


Some of the changes I noticed are the in main screen, on some tabs (depends on provider) you can swipe through the home screen over and over and over continuously. You still get the touchwiz UI bit in this device it doesn't feel like it is as much of a drawback as it did for me using the other galaxy S units (we reviewed them all here at Epic 4GVibrantCaptivateFascinate



There is no physical keyboard but it does come with swype which does a good job. It does not need a giant virtual keyboard as the software keyboard is pretty nice and big and easy to use.

Web Browsing, Camera and Video


The browser is 2.2 fast, 2.2 got a browser upgrade and this shows. I get good speeds. I also am able to view flash videos because Flash is included in Android 2.2. On this device the rear camera is 3.2 and the front camera is 1.3 and they have good openings on both cameras, I believe it is the aperture, either way they both take in a lot of light and provide for a clear picture of video (even streaming over Fring)

Call Quality

There is no native calling, but two devices over 3g is ok (again on fring) not great and not meant for calling but works choppy on video and kind of just ok on audio.



  • Easy to use, it is a nice size, 10 inches seems to big, sorry iPad
  • The headphone jack is also flush
  • Good Camera 3.2mp
  • Has a camera button
  • It has a camera flash
  • Android 2.2 installed
  • Nice virtual keybooard
  • Adobe Flash Installed
  • Wifi HotSpot
  • TouchWiz UI


  • Video calling needs work
  • No HD video to my knowledge

Conclusions & Final Thoughts

This is a really great device and really easy as well as fun to use. The 7 inch size is great for me as I can hold and grip this device and take it with me with out worry of dropping it or whatever it may be. Video calling is pretty nice and pretty clear, not great but good. I really enjoyed it and my wife LOVED it and wants one now. The screen is huge and so nice, easy to see. The nook app plays well on this as well, so forget getting an e-reader. This device is so nice.

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