The HTC Desire

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The HTC Desire is a smartphone that uses the Android operating system and is supplied with Android 2.2, which is also known as Froyo. The processor is the ARM Snapdragon and runs at 1 GHz, which is twice as fast as most smartphone processors. This means that it runs applications much faster and activities such as browsing the web prove to be a much smoother experience; it also means that multi-tasking is now feasible without significantly slowing down response times.

The display is a LCD panel which appears to be a significant improvement over the previous HTC display technology, which was AMOLED. The colour reproduction is more life-like and the effective resolution is also improved; the display is also less power hungry. The diagonal dimension of the screen is 3.7 inches and the resolution 480 by 800 pixels.

The user interface is via the multi-touch screen which uses capacitive technology. There is also a tri-axis accelerometer along with a digital compass and proximity sensor.

There are seven customizable home screens and it is easy to switch between them. The phone also includes HTC sense which is effectively a bunch of useful applications such as a clock and weather forecast that automatically adjusts to the phone's location as the user travels around. Others include a ringer which goes quieter as soon as the user picks up the phone and is muted if the phone is turned over; text reflow which responds to zooming; and a universal search feature.

The built in camera features a 5 megapixel sensor. It is autofocus and includes a LED flash. Additional features of the camera include face recognition along with the ability to geo-tag pictures; video can also be recorded at 720p High Definition.

Physically the phone is relatively thin and attractively styled. The chassis is rubberised and it is easy and comfortable to hold. There are six buttons; the four on the front are standard navigation buttons, the leftmost being Home, followed by menu, back and search. There is also a volume button and a single power button.


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