Samsung Nexus S rumored quantities for Best Buy Launch Day


According to an anonymous source of mobile news site AndroidandMe, if you've been planning on picking up a new Samsung Galaxy S on launch day, Best Buy should have you covered. The anonymous source (possibly a covert Best Buy employee) sent in an outline containing release numbers determined by store size and services offered. While the numbers are completely unconfirmed, they do back up an earlier rumor from another source claiming the same numbers for Best Buy. According to the outline:

  • Big box Best Buy locations that sell T-Mobile contracts in store will have on average 35 units Thursday
  • Big box Best Buy locations that do not, will have on average 4 units Thursday
  • Best Buy Mobile locations that sell T-Mobile will have on average 72 units Thursday
  • Best Buy Mobile locations that do not, will have on average 4 units Thursday
  • There will be plenty of transferring product around from Best Buy to Best Buy to even out counts as needed, but these are the numbers shipping to stores
  • There will be plenty of units for orders placed online and shipped to the customer

There are 210 Best Buy locations with T-Mobile service, so it looks like there will be plenty of devices on hand. For those 4 quantity stores, it sounds like you might want to get up a little early, or find the next nearest store to you. A reference page is in the process of being built by Best Buy to make your Android device finding much easier. Until then, if you aren't sure if your local Best Buy sells T-Mobile, you can contact them and those around you by searching on their store locator page.


Source: AndroidandMe