Samsung Named as Top Manufacturer of Android Sold in US

Samsung is now the number one Android handset manufacturer in the US market.  This is due mostly to their Galaxy S handsets, with flavors on every major carrier.  Verizon has the Fascinate (and Continuum), Sprint has the Epic 4G, T-Mobile has the Vibrant, AT&T has the Captivate, Cellular South has the Showcase, and US Cellular has the Mesmerize.

According to Gartner, prior to this quarter (and the release of the Galaxy S  line), Samsung accounted for 9.2% of Android phones in the States, but now they make up 32.1% and have the majority stake.

As you probably have heard, the Galaxy S phones are very powerful, each with a 1 GHz Hummingbird system-on-a-chip, 4 inch Super AMOLED display, and a 5 MP camera.  There were various other features that some had and others did not.

Personally, I have Bell Canada's Galaxy S Vibrant, but I use it on AT&T (it has the same 3G frequencies).

Motorola and HTC are the runners up, and their options are not paltry.  Many of the Verizon Droids are Motorolas, and the flagship phones for T-Mobile and Sprint are HTCs.  We know that the Motorola Olympus/Etna is coming soon, in all its dual-core goodness.

It seems that Samsung's non-exclusive marketing model worked really well.  If they release the same product (with slight variations) to every seller, they get more products sold.  So raise your Galaxy S (or your imaginary wishful-thinking one) in the air, and cheers to Samsung for a hot commodity and awesome device.

Source: intomobile

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