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The smartphone battleground is more open that ever before, and it seems as though each handset has got one thing that it does a little better than all of its competitors. But there is no runaway market leader, and everybody you ask will offer a slightly different opinion on which handset is best.

The Samsung Galaxy S is no different, and has just as many champions as the other leading phones. Samsung are the second major manufacturer, behind only HTC, to throw themselves firmly behind Google's deservedly highly praised Android operating system.


As a result, the Samsung Galaxy is easy to use and rich in features, which it executes with little fuss and minimal lag, and the decision to employ a limited amount of modification to the standard version of the software frees up more processing space for the running of more important applications.

Of course, none of this is particularly remarkable, but the Samsung Galaxy does have that aforementioned quality that, taken in isolation, makes it truly stand out from the competition available elsewhere on the market.

The 3.2" OLED screen is not necessarily the largest available, but its domination of the frontage gives the illusion of being much bigger, and that is really neither here nor there either, as the screen is more vivid and sharper than anything else out there.


Samsung have designed the OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) themselves, and it's worth being proud of. The technology used here is the forerunner to that which Samsung intend to use to make super skinny HD televisions, and indeed they released a prototype of a 40" HD television which was barely half an inch thick as far back as 2005.

It is no surprise, then, that the small screen featured on the Samsung Galaxy S five years later is of the quality that it is, and Samsung's progression here is nothing but exciting.

Read more information online at the Dialaphone blog where they take a closer look at the Samsung Galaxy S.

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