Rogers and Fido join the ranks in Unlocking Devices


In recent news, some networks such as Telus, Bell, and others announced that they will allow and will have an Unlock Device service.  As to this current trend both Rogers and Fido decided and also announced that they too will offer these service.  They have announced that starting 2011 there will be a 'Handset Unlock Policy'.

The announcement goes like this:


"Effective December 14, we'll be changing our policy on device unlocking to allow customers the opportunity to unlock their devices for a $50 fee. This new policy applies to phones, smartphones, and rocket sticks depending on the manufacturer's restrictions. Customers purchasing a new device or qualifying for a HUP are also eligible to have their previous phone unlocked."

There are conditions though:

  • Account MUST be in good standing
  • CANNOT be on a termed agreement, or must have paid the non- subsidized cost at least 30 days prior.
  • MUST consent to having the charge applied to your account

Would you like to unlock yours?



mobilesyrup(Rogers and Fido, picture)



thecellularguru(Rogers, picture)