REVIEW: NoiseHush N650 A Bluetooth Speaker For Your CellPhone

Device Name: NoiseHush N650

Description: Talk while in the car with out being dangerous. This devices charges with the suns power and then is able to let you talk via bluetooth to your friends/family, just about whoever is in your contact list.

How it works: Stick it on your window, that is what I did anyhow and let it charge, then when receiving or making a call it will automatically turn the device on and you can hear whoever is calling with clarity. It is really easy to use, just follow the given instructions.

Opinion: A really cool device! I enjoyed using it and it was easy. A nice clear sound, a very crisp device and it sticks right to the window.

Ratings :

· Speed (5/5) - It charges quickly, it is fast and easy to use.

· Features (4/5) - It charges itself via solar power or from your wall plugs and then turns around and charges your devices, how amazing. It attaches to your window via two rubber suction cups. It uses solar to charge.


  • Lets you drive safely
  • You can charge in your car and charge your bluetooth device with the sun
  • It isn't just for one device
  • Eco Friendly


  • The directions were a TAD difficult, but read them clearly and you get it!

Conclusion: I really liked it! It was nice and if you don't have a car kit and radio compatible etc etc etc it is really easy and nice.

Website to Buy at :

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