Play World Of Warcraft on Your Android Phone?! NOU!

December 6, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

No longer will WoW players be stuck in front of their desktop, laptop or at LAN shops!  Not even in their grandma’s basements!  GameString is now alpha-testing its dual-mode delivery on World of Warcaft  to stream and play it on an Android phone.

Yes!  The highly and massively populated game around the world is someday going to be playable via your Android Smartphone.  GameString is currently testing their tech on WoW, with custom controls for an Android phone.  This was the setup for their demo:

  • A smartphone, in this demo HTC Desire is used
  • A connection with at least 2 MB upload and download
  • GameString Adrenaline Host server with dual-mode Delivery
  • Installed WoW ( On your PC 🙂 )

Basically, the tech is bleeding-edge new, and a number of hacking tricks were needed to set this up.

Based on the video below, the future of this technology could be in widespread use.  WoW in bed? In the bathroom? In school? In the office?  The game doesn’t get more hardcore than that!