Official Samsung Epic 4G Android 2.2.1 update


There have been a number of Froyo leaks for the Samsung Galaxy S line.  However this time its official, our friends over at XDA developers forum were able to locate what looks to be the final Android 2.2 build for the Epic on Google's servers.  It has been a long wait and just on the heels of the Gingerbread release hopefully it is on a much more  timely release consider the Google Nexus S is made my Samsung and is the Gingerbread release device.

Manually install Froyo on the Samsung Epic 4G
  1. Download the zip file from Google's servers
  2. Rename the file to ""
  3. Save file to root directory on your microSD card
  4. Boot the Epic 4G into recovery mode (hold down the "Volume Down" button, "Camera" button, and "Power" button simultaniously)
  5. Install or apply the "" file from recovery. Use volume keys to navigate menu. Home key is select.