NVIDIA addresses benefits of Tegra 2 and Multi-core processing


With the feature-rich technology of smartphones moving forward at such a rapid pace, it's become necessary to increase the power at which our loved devices can operate properly. What was once a simply a phone in your pocket has become a supercomputer capable of almost anything. The future of powering such a device comes in the form of dual-core processors, which tech company NVIDIA has decided to speak out about.  Of course it's mainly about their own Tegra 2 dual-core processor that will further the ability for our smartphones to work smart, with an example shown in the graph below.


Benefits of dual-core processing:

  • Faster Web page load times
  • Lower power consumption and higher performance per watt
  • Higher quality game play experience for advanced console-style mobile game
  • Highly responsive and smoother UIs (user interfaces)
  • Faster multitasking

One major concern with the increase in processing speeds and capabilities is how well a battery can perform. It's all too easy to drain a battery, as I'm sure everyone has come to know. It's been all about personal management of the device, but with dual-core, NVIDIA says the sharing of tasks would make any device run more efficiently, keep battery heat down, and extend its life overall. Regarding battery power NVIDIA says:

"A common misconception is that the NVIDIA Tegra dual core CPU architecture consumes more power than competing single core CPU solutions and causes significant reduction in battery life. On the contrary, due to SMP and intelligent power management algorithms, the Tegra solution is more power efficient and delivers higher performance per watt than single core processors."


For anyone who wants to check out the full report, NVIDIA has posted it on their official website. It's packed full of stats, graphs, and tech specs galore.