New Themes for Android Market


All of you must have gotten the new Android Market through a small update. If you feel that the green colour is too bright and would like to have dark colours then do not worry. There is a solution provided by three members (jeffsanace, fernando sor and thebowers) together of XDA  forums. They have created three versions of the Android Market in three different colour schemes (red, blue and black). The process to get these colours is not so simple since it does not have an installation file (.apk). Step-by-step  instructions are given below –

  • Make sure if you have a market installed in system/app that the v in vending is capitalized or this will not delete your old market.
  • Also If you have been silently updated the market will be in data/app/ Com.somthing-google market. Not sure exactly what it says. Also check data/data.
  • Delete anything in data/app or data/data that is google market.
  • Do not delete market updater, though you can freeze that with titanium backup premium. If you had trouble installing and then figured it out please post the steps you took.

Please feel free to share your experience with these new themes. For further details, please check here.


Source : DroidLife