New Gingebread SDK Goodies: Custom ROM's and Video Chat

video chat android 300x251

Gingerbread hasn’t even been released to Nexus One or Nexus S yet and it seems like it’s already in a bunch of Android phones with custom ROM’s, and it seems like it’s working on older phones just fine, unlike what LG has said that Gingerbread would require a 1 Ghz CPU to function. The phones that got the custom ROM’s with Gingerbread are ErisHeroWildfire and Evo.

Another big rumor going around is about Google Talk Video coming soon to Android 2.3 phones, and that it’s not available yet because Google has to iron out some bugs. Video chat has already been promised by Andy Rubin to come to Honeycomb, so we do know that Google is working on it. Also we have this image from inside Android 2.3 SDK, found by AndroidGuys: