Motorola CEO Talks About Their Early 2011 Plans


Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha talked at the Credit Suisse 2010 Technology Conference yesterday, where he hinted about many of their products for early 2011. He also goes on to note some strong competition in Q1 from someone  – probably the iPhone on Verizon. He does mention that he will have products for different carriers, though.

He talked about how there will be both a 7" and a 10" tablet which will probably have a LTE chip inside, although he does add that they have some retail plans as well, so maybe they won't make the same mistake that Samsung did, by not releasing a Wi-Fi version of the iPad.


I think it's safe to assume that the tablets will have a dual core Tegra 2 chip, since we already know about their plans to release the Olympus/Etna smartphones with Tegra 2 in them. I wouldn't expect anything less in a tablet by then. Plus, the tablets are supposed to be released a litte later, most likely in February or March.

Among all the good news, there seems to be some bad news, too. They are going to stick with Blur, whether you like it or not. He says that millions of people are using it so they consider it a success. Well, yeah, people might use it because it's in their face everytime they open the phone. That doesn't necessarily mean people love it.

Maybe if we had more powerful smartphones in the market with stock Android that people will go in droves to buy, it would give Motorola a hint that people want stock Android.


Via – Droid-Life

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