MIUI Beta 5 is Coming Soon; Promises Dramatic Re-Imagining of Android


Last month we reported about the amazing MIUI ROM for Android that really takes the OS to a whole new level. MIUI gives your device a unique look and adds functionality that some say goes way beyond Sense UI, TouchWiz or Motoblur.

To recap, here are a few features you get with a rooted device and MIUI:

  • 60 FPS system animations versus 17 FPS on the stock ROM on a Nexus One
  • Built-in integrated, system-wide theme support
  • Folders can now be placed in the main launcher bar
  • Individual folders now have the option to sort by your custom order, frequency of use, and by name
  • Pinch to zoom out to the home-screen overviews
  • Super pretty music player with visualization, lockscreen integration, and lyrics support
  • Most beautiful weather widget and app with new weather effects including sandstorms and hail
  • SMS theme support
  • Built in CPU power management
  • Expanded power controls in the notification bar

While the previous ROMs were available primarily only in Chinese, Beta 5 offers support for 11 languages as well as compatibility for a greater number of devices. To find out if your phone is supported, and how to port to your device, head over to the MIUI developer forums.

Check out the video for some of MIUI's cool features.



Source: Droiddog