Minimalistic Text, Great way to unclutter your display!

If you are the type of Android user that doesn't like clutter on your display but still want a lot of information available, Minimalistic Text is the app for you.  This app shows off the great thing about Android, Customization!  It is able to show you four types of information -Battery, Time, Date, and Weather.  Not only does it allow you to fully customize the layout, information you want shown and colors, you can select many different aspects of these choices.  For instance the battery selection allows you to show not only the power level but also the temperature, voltage, health, and plug state.  The best part about this app is that it is also free in the market and available for download.  This app takes the best of several different text apps out there and allows you to make it your very own.  Which when it comes down to it, is exactly what Android is all about!

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