Love Trivia? Sporcle is your app!

The Sporcle app finally brings the very popular website onto the market and into your phone.  With over 15 categories including geography, entertainment, science, history and many different game choices this app is a trivia buffs dream.  After selecting a category you will get a list of all the trivia games available to you.  The app provides a list of the most popular games that day and more are always being uploaded.  The app will set you back $1.99 in the market but it has swiftly passed 1,000 downloads.  Another great feature is user uploaded trivia.  Anyone can upload games so the more downloads the app has the more games will appear! My history teacher always told me if you are not going to do your work at least be productive.  He would be proud of this app, it is the definition of productive procrastination

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