Loky, the Swiss Bank of Your Secrets


Is your phone, contact lists, files and media being invaded by your partner or friends?  Need a safe place to store them without anyone else checking them out?  The HOTTEST app for you sneaky foxes is here for Android!

Let's all welcome Loky!  The sort of Swiss bank for your files and all.  Let's find out more.


This new app works as a vault-on-a-phone for those of us who would like to keep secrets.  This app has all the functions and personality you need to keep every secret of yours safe and sound every day.  How?  Here's some features that will demonstrate.

The app offers much protection to secrets you'd like to keep.  You can hide your SMS, Contacts, Files and other Media within the Loky app.  Inside you will find Loky's own contact list, where you can store those contacts which you don't want anyone to know about.


SMS from your Loky contacts is stored by the app, not in  your regular messaging applications.  Also when any of those contacts sends you an SMS, it's programmable that you won't hear notifications nor will it signal one,. You can also make Loky send you 'DUMMY SMS' as a sign that you've received a message from your Loky contact.

By the way, did I mention that you are also protected by a 4-Digit PIN code that you yourself set when you download the application?  And you can lock yourself out from 5 seconds to 5 minutes at a time so you don't have to type your PIN for that time span.


Caught in the middle of something you don't want public?  No worries!  Just shake your phone and Loky automatically shuts off and closes.  No in-a-hurry app closing!  Not gonna get caught!

These are the top features of this app and there's more to find out.



There are lots of apps out there offering protection for our personal files and such.  But this app looks really intense!  I think this app has been carefully done to match the needs of secrecy, which is good, right?  For about $4.70 in the Market this must be a good bargain because it may save your relationship (if that's what you intend the app do for you).  Enjoy your Loky!


  • Very intricate and secure
  • Hides lots of file types including messages
  • Dummy SMS to be discreet
  • Phone-shake to turn off app


  • Not free (this isn't really a con)


I give it a 9 of 10!

Link to AppBrain.



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