Logitech Freezes Production of New Revues Until Google TV Is Updated

December 27, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

Google TV’s launch was a bit rocky, first because the Revue box was way too expensive compared to similar types of products, and second because all the networks cut off Google TV from accessing their content. Google has been working hard to do some kind of deals with the networks, so they allow their shows on Google TV.

Apparently, they are also working hard to improve the user experience of Google TV, along with bringing the Android Market to it. That should make manufacturers even more willing to add it to their TV’s and boxes, because Google TV would be a free product that can add real value to theirs.

So far, Google has told its manufacturing partners to freeze production of current Google TV products and also delay any launches they had in mind, until they get the software right for a second big launch.

Via – Slashgear