Goodnight Touiteur, Good Morning Plume

December 24, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

Thanks to some big shots over at Twitter, one of the most popular Twitter clients on Android, Touiteur, was forced to change its name.  The folks over at Level Up Studio chose to put the task of choosing a new name to its faithful users.  They gave the masses a long list to choose from and let them vote on a new name.  The polls have closed and the winner is (drum roll please) Plume!

This is fitting as Plume means bird feather in French and are also the large decorative feathers on such birds as peacocks.  Along with the new name, Level Up Studio will be updating their app with many bug fixes.  Plume is in the market now for free and premium for $2.73 U.S.

If you want to try out my personal favorite Twitter client, grab the QR codes below.  Or head over to AppBrain for the free and the premium versions, direct from your device by clicking the link of your choice.

Plume (free)
Plume ($2.73 us)