Gingerbread coming to a Verizon phone near you

gingerbread google

Gingerbread,a word that makes all Android users hearts beat a little faster.  If you are one of the many who use Big Red as your carrier, you by now know that Gingerbread is not initially releasing on any of their phones.   According to a Verizon internal memo, that should be changing soon.  The good news for everyone waiting to see if Gingerbread goodness is coming to their phone is it looks to be a much easier transition than ©clair to froyo was.

Android engineer Brian Swetland has said “Any device that runs well with Froyo should run even better with Gingerbread. The base hardware requirements have not changed. Of course OEM updates do depend on individual OEM efforts, and I can’t speak for the OEMs, but there’s no technical reason devices able to run Froyo shouldn’t be upgradeable. “The bad news is that every phone running 2.2 is going to have to go through some testing before 2.3 can be installed so estimates are ranging from Feb to May-June for what these updates could occur.

So it seems the question for Verizon owners running 2.2 is not if Gingerbread is coming but when and of course who gets it first!