Froyo For The Sony Ericsson X10?

sony ericsson xperia x10

Well, after hearing that the much delayed Android 2.1 update would be the last update to the Sony Ericsson X10, we find this little ray of hope.  Android 2.2 (Froyo) may be coming to the X10 in the second quarter of 2011.

This is an e-mail from a Turkish customer service representative that says we can expect Froyo in Q2 of 2011.  We have also seen customer service reps be wrong, right and flat out lying so take it with a grain of salt, of course with Froyo no longer being the latest and greatest  maybe that will help Sony Ericsson to release it.  Cross your fingers Xperia X10 owners, I’m pulling for you.

Source: DeLaagste Rekening (Netherlands) via GSM Arena