Exclusive: Interview with Notion Ink's CEO about 'Adam' Android Tablet


Notion Ink is getting ready to launch their highly anticipated Android Tablet the "Adam" that debuted earlier this year at CES.While the Android Community has recently Put Ceo Rohan Shravan and Notion Ink under a microscope regarding some of their policies and pre-order issues, CEO Rohan Shravan has taken time to talk with us answering some questions readers and our staff had regarding Notion Ink's Tablet due to debut on video later this week and at CES 2011 on January 6th and Pre-Orders to start shipping at the end of January.

On with the Interview:


How Many Colors Will ADAM come in?

Initially it will come with one color only, but later you can get colored strips (the middle section) and make change it to suit your style and preferences.

What is the Launch Day?


It was supposed to be CES, but now the internet community has changed our plans. On 18th we will try to release lots of videos which will show nearly everything about what Adam is.

Will you continue to weekend blogs after ADAM is announced and out?

100%. But the recent events might force me to be change the tone or motive. Though I will try not to, but there is a lot of investor pressure.


What made you go with a dual core device?

Best for multi-tasking, and we believe in parallel computing. Dual cores are just the beginning. NVidia has lot many cores, but are being used for other things like media, power management, etc.

What secrets have you got about ADAM?


We wanted to make the most powerful tablet on Android in the world, and we believe we have been successful in that. Adam is more important for laying grounds for what is next to come (but right now people are more concerned on what even Adam 1 is, so we will keep this topic for future)

So I hear it has a trackpad on the back now?

The FCC certification includes trackpad, but we might not enable it, because we are not happy with the overall performance.


What size MP is the camera on ADAM?

3.2MP Auto Focus.

Will Adam run apps like QIK and others? Will There be a special version of qik or some apps like they have on HTC EVO?


Yes, it will. Adam will be compatible to nearly all the apps. We are getting some special version of apps.

So You announced EDEN, can you go into depth on that at all?

Eden is th realization of the UI and UX concepts which I had since last 4-5 years. It's a diversion from current methods of multi-tasking and way objects are organized. The complete realization will take time since Android is not yet mature for what we want to deliver.


Has your daily battery usage time changed? At one point you said at average use it would last a few days? That still right?

No it hasn't. Usage time is highly dependent on how you use it. For music listeners, it will last days. You can check NVidia's benchmarks. Adam will deliver what NVidia's benchmark promises.

Why did you go with the pixel Q screen?

Its was one of the first steps in merging Tablets with Readers. Screen has to be easy on eyes. Pixel Qi comes close to what we wanted, but only in sunlight. In normal lighting conditions there is no difference b/w LCD and PQ screens (though LCD would be far more saturated and crisp).

Will the adam support Google Apps such as the Market and Google Goggles?

Adam supports Google Apps, but Google need to open their Market for Tablets. This will get resolved with Honeycomb.

In the USA do you plan on going with any cell phones carriers?

Adam will come un-locked, and you will be able to use it on any networks.

So a lot of people have taken interest, exactly how many people have contacted you and your team?

It should run into 1000s. The interest is enormous, its time we convert it into market share.

How many members have joined the Notion Ink team?

We can't disclose that number as of now, but we are steadily expanding.

I heard you are doing a lot of things in house, is that true? And what things are being done?

How will the weather app work?

We wanted to make the most powerful Android Tablet, as I mentioned earlier, and our main focus was in achieving exactly the same. A lot of effort has been gone into improving the performance and designing for bigger screen. Eden is the biggest advantage of Adam on Android.

Do you have any agreements with carriers or retailers to carry Notion Ink in North America?

We can't disclose this as of now.

How will Notion Ink handle Android OS upgrades so customers get them in a timely manner?

We have kept Eden fairly independent of the OS layer, which makes it extremely easy for us, to upgrade the underlying OS and deliver faster updates.

When comparing Notion Ink Tablet to the Samsung Galaxy Tab and Apple Ipad what features and strengths to believe Notion Ink has over the competitors?

It will be out there for people to compare and comment now, we have already said a lot on what Adam is.

What part of Android OS would you like to see improved the most for Tablets?

OpenSL support was brilliant in 2.3, we would like better HTML5 support though.

We would like to thank Notion Ink's CEO Rohan Shravan for sharing more information regarding Adam and we cannot wait to see the video and pictures of this Tablet that will be released later this week, stay tuned to androidheadlines.com for more information in the coming days.