Exclusive: Android OS 2.3 Gingerbread to be Released Dec 6th According to Notion Ink Update

Notion Ink the tablet makers updated their blog and in their weekend update  they talk about the new mail'd client that they are working on, a weather app.They go on to say that "December 6th being a huge day for Android and you will find out how fast Notion Ink Can work'. They they said that Eden, which I believe is the software running on the ADAM, will work GREAT with 2.3! IF THAT DOES NOT SCREAM 2.3 day I do not know what does! This is pretty big, 2.3 on the Adam? 2.3 on Nexus, what else, I am guessing that Nexus S is being launched the same day!

If that doesn't just say something, I don't know what does, but hey, there is more, we talk a little about the browser:

Applications on Adam enjoy just more than a boost in processing power. The allocated application memory is also high, and you will not find Force Closure Exception because of "out-of-memory" issues. This was a big step in converting your Android to a tablet version OS (and one of the updates coming in 3.0). "Our browser has beaten every browser in the world in switching tabs" as one of our programmers loves to say (qualitatively), but you need memory to retain these tabs.

And then they included this image!

Awesome! Great images of what the browser may bring, these could change now, he mentioned how most apps are in beta now, getting closer! OOOH!

He then goes on to say:

The browser is multi-touch enabled and you get this menu when you do a "2-finger drag-up". This is also the icon set which will come on Adam (these are my personal favorites after 4-5 revisions, don't look at the test below icons). Bookmark is something you know already.For a normal eye next is copy and crop, but the question is how many times at one go, and what to do after you have copied or cropped? Have you felt a need of selecting the first line and third line simultaneously? Browser works beautifully with one application that I havent spoken about (and I LOVE this application). Anything you copy or crop will be arranged (not populated) in this application (hint: notes). People who do online research and like making notes, will love the browser and this feature.

More good news really. With all that in mind there is more at the blog! Go check out their weekly weekend blog, it is a great source of news!

If you want to learn what is possibly coming in Gingerbread check out our story about 12 Things We Might See in Gingerbread.

Credit to NotionInks Blog!

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