Evernote for Android Updated; Making $800,000/Month Revenue!


The award-winning Android application Evernote has just recieved a fairly large update. If you haven't used the app before, it helps you organize and keep track of your life through notes, snapshots, and recordings all stored together and kept safe within Evernote. With the update, bringing the app to version 2.5, Evernote has included some of the most requested features users have been asking for including:

  • Advanced Search

"We've enhanced the already great browsing options by adding an advanced search capability. You can now construct complex searches using tags, notebooks, attributes, location and dates. Once these are created, they go straight into your search history so they're easy to re-execute. To create an advanced search go to the Search screen from the application home screen, widget or header bar, then tap "Advanced Search" and select from a wide range of search criteria."


  • To-Dos

"Users of the Mac, Windows and web versions know that Evernote provides a great way to manage your to-do lists by allowing you to add to-do check boxes to notes. With the latest version, you can also check and uncheck those items right from your Android device. Just view a note with to-do items and tap the check box. The change will be automatically synced with the server. This works with advanced search options, letting you find notes with incomplete to-dos."

  • Polish
  1. Notebook sync preferences: it's now easier to manage your notebook sync preferences and see the size of your notebooks.
  2. Sync performance and robustness: Your phone will sync faster especially over a cell network. We've also made the sync process more robust, so you're less likely to run into problems uploading or downloading notes.
  3. More views of more things: We've added a simple text-only view of your note list, which scrolls and loads faster with many notes. We've also added a full screen mode for reading notes.
  4. Better sync info: We've improved the sync status bar so it's easier to tell what synchronization is doing.

Also, just to give a little glimpse into how successful Evernote has become, while you can download the free version, there are over 160,000 "premium" users, who each pay $5 per month. Thats a gigantic sum of $800,000 per month, with just under $10 million per year in revenue. To get Evernote current users should recieve an update notification, and for any newbies, you can scan the QR code below with your mobile, or head to the Market and search keyword Evernote.  Or click here to check out Evernote on AppBrain.


Source: Evernote, Mashable