Day 3: Notion Ink Videos, App Sniffer

December 24, 2010 - Written By Mike Corbett

Another day, another new video for the upcoming Notion Ink Adam tablet.

Again, this is looking good, I am liking the tabbed design of it, it seems to make it easy, just open whatever tab you need to open and go with it. Seems easier to me and more inventive than going to a new app, opening it up, finding out it doesn’t do exactly what you want and then downloading a new app, opening it, finding what you need, doing what you need to it… ugh etc. This seems to work. Fast and has the chance of always being open. I love this idea.

It almost has a feel like Windows so it will be familiar to many, it also is Android and has a feel like Android, or so I can gather from video and so it will also be familiar that way. I am getting more and more excited, this was a good idea by Notion Ink.