App Review: YouMail, Voice Mail Tailored for You


YouMail, Voice Mail Tailored for You

App Name: YouMail by YouMail Inc.

Description: See, play, read, and manage your YouMail voicemail, right from your phone. Most US Carriers supported. Sorry, doesn't work with flex/pre-pay accounts. Requires you to Forward your Unanswered calls to YouMail.


How it works: Forward your voicemail to the YouMail App and from there the app takes over all of your missed calls with personal greetings, smart greetings (have YouMail answer missed call for you and address caller by their listed name and your given name), transcribe your voice mail messages, and access them from your personal computer at any moment and time.

Opinion: This application is great and a must have for anyone who may not always have the ability to not be around people and step out and actually listen to the voice message from the carrier or through other visual voicemail apps. I have been in classrooms when I need to hear a voicemail and at the same time can't miss taking notes, so I just ask it to transcribe the message for me and it did it flawlessly. This app is really a must have for the person always on the go and even those who just like the ability to read what someone has to say than listening to it.

Ratings :

  • Speed (4/5) –   Very fast and snappy, even through initial setup, and very responsive. I never encountered a lag while using the application even when synching voicemails, whether by force or automatically. There is a small down time from getting the voicemail and then asking it to be transcribed, but of course this is to be expected but the delay isn't unbearable.
  • Features (5/5) –  This app may look simple, but the simplicity of its design is just a testament to its ease of use for anyone. The basics are covered by the app by default, but the rest of the advanced features are great for further personalization and will be easy to get a grasp of, but at a first glance it will look like something complicated but the info in their respective tabs clears it all up. The app lets you change your greeting from standard, personalized with a message, or their "smart answer" feature in which it greets your callers by their listed names and says that you're not available. Your name can be changed through the computer in case you don't want your callers to get you confused for the person whose phone your number may be under.
  • Theme (3/5) –  Very simple, nothing flashy with bright and dazzling menus, but the UI when accessing the voicemails is very clean and appropriate. Possible photo for your caller, their number, their name (if listed in your contacts), length of voicemail, slider bar, play/pause buttons, and the area where your voicemail can be transcribed (this comes with a fee after the trial period).
  • Overall (5/5) – The application is really great for anyone who has used a visual voicemail app before or not and really lends itself to any possible occasion. Through a simple theme the task gets accomplished fast and well and with little to no effort on part of the user, the application takes care of the user's needs very well. The computer interface is excellent for more management and at the same time provides the exact same features that are available on the app.


– takes care of voicemail needs

– quick and easy setup


– ability to transcribe voicemails (plans vary)

– ease and encouragement of personalization

– very professional in features for a free app (not including transcribing service)


– reasonable plans for transcribing service based on individual needs

– user does not have to buy a transcribing plan to use the rest of the features of the app



– advanced features may look a little intimidating

– user must be aware of possible call forwarding charges

Conclusion: Amazing application that meets my needs daily, whether they are busy or not, and great for anyone who wants a voicemail app that is pure functionality with none of the bloated content carrier provided ones tend to have. Highly accessible through phone and computer counterpart; in which both allow the same features of getting the caller's listed information, hear voicemails, edit greeting and personal information. I've used this app when I've gotten a call and can't get to it because I'm in class and can't get out to check the voicemail, the transcribing service made those instances much more bearable than the panic and distraction of not knowing what is waiting for you. I would recommend this app for anyone in general, busy individuals, students, professionals, and people on the road driving a lot; this app is tailored for everyone.


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