ADW Launcher EX Brings More Customization to Android


As Android users, you know that the Launcher is one of the most important parts of the operating system. It's the gateway to practically everything in your phone. And while most OEMs install their own launcher in order to differentiate themselves from other manufacturers, users always have the option of changing the launcher if they don't like what the manufacturer gave them.

This has created a market for third-party launchers, two of the most popular are ADW Launcher and Launcher Pro. Either of these are great choices if you want to get into customizing the look of your phone without having to root.


Now, ADW Launcher EX  is on the scene and brings with it some pretty awesome features that really make it stand out from other apps available. Based off the old ADW Launcher code, EX offers:

  • 5 different app drawers/styles/behaviors
  • 3-D Nexus One-like app drawer
  • Different desktop transitions and new animations while navigating your desktop screens
  • New icons and configurations that allow you to tweak icons
  • Editable desktop icons for apps, shortcuts and folders
  • Plus more

Here's a video showing off some of the cool things you can do with ADW Launcher EX.


ADW Launcher EX is available in the market for $3.28