A Firmware Update for Galaxy Tab that Locks Out Hackers?

Samsung is expected to release a firmware update to its Galaxy S tablets that may lock hackers out of the device. According to Electronista, the JMC 6 A, C and D builds of the firmware will have bootloaders that will prevent any unauthorized firmware from running on the machine. Those who have experimented with the new updates found that roots, jailbreaks and other mods simply won't run once the new software is installed.

While later builds of the firmware aren't as tightly buttoned up as the earlier ones, they still include code that effectively locks out any attempt to load custom ROMs or hack the device in other ways. So far there is no word as to whether this firmware is destined for the public, but if it is, then it will mean that the Galaxy Tab will be locked down even more than the iPad. Apple typically releases bug fixes and security patches to their OS, but has seemingly relaxed their grip a bit when it comes to jailbreaking.

It's understandable that manufacturers want to maintain control over their devices, but this seems as if it's defeating the purpose of having an open OS.

While we'll have to wait on the official release from Samsung to see exactly what we're dealing with, if the device is locked up, hopefully a workaround can be found.

Source: Electronista

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