3D and E-Ink display coming to HTC in the future?


This year has been brilliant and promising for smartphones and tablets in terms of technology. Therefore, it looks like a better future is coming by 2011.

With all the advanced technology surrounding tablets, they are trying to dominate in the PC market by 2012. Having all these Android-powered tablet PCs, more and more features and technology keep getting added on. We're curious how smartphones can be more advanced with technologies of the present and future tablet PCs. Smartphones are getting better in terms of CPU usage and storage.


Plans for launching 3D display screens for smartphones by Sharp are on the table for 2011. If true, they can be an innovative achievement in the smartphone sector of the market. Use of 3D displays shows more text or details along the z-axis of the phone which, in turn, increases the productivity of the device by displaying more information on the screen. With this, there is also huge scope in development of devices in terms of applications, entertainment and so on.

It seems that HTC is leaning towards this technology for its future devices along with the E-Ink display (used in e-readers for good visibility).

On 27th, October 2010, HTC posted a job vacancy which is shown below –


HTC is looking for a great Baseband Design Engineer to lead the integration and evaluation of new display and camera technologies for next-generation mobile devices. This engineer will work with other baseband engineers and other disciplines to design, architect, and evaluate advanced phone concepts. The qualified candidate will have experience in specifying the optical properties of mobile cameras and displays, be capable of measuring the performance of mobile cameras and displays, and be capable of integrating those components into prototype phone designs.

The successful candidate will have:

  • Strong display evaluation experience and the ability to write specifications for new displays, cameras and touch panels.
  • Familiarity with multiple display technologies( TFT-LCD, PMOLED,  AMOLED, E-ink, etc).
  • Familiarity with 3D display and imaging technologies

Nowadays, most of the screen displays of smartphones have WVGA (Wide Video Graphic Array) resolution using LCD or AMOLED panels. Technologies like 3D and E-Ink coming to hand-held devices are quite exciting. Could this be the future in screen displays?


Source : pocketnowHTCtalkandroid