2011: The Year Android Takes the #1 Spot


The Smartphone market is growing at a rapid pace, and will grow even faster in 2011.  Currently smartphones account for only a third of the US market, and have less share globally.  Developing countries have seen less smartphone penetration, with countries like India and China under 10% of the market.  All of this means we are go to see a huge increase in Android devices from low end budget phones to high end dual core devices.

Lower Prices

Already, lower-priced Android phones have started to hit the market; many free with a contract.  In the coming months, expect to see smartphones available for feature phone prices, which will continue to drive increase in market share in the US as well as internationally.


CNN states: In 2011, we might see half a billion phones sold worldwide. Smartphones will likely blow by traditional computers next year as the way most of the world gains access to the Internet.

Android's First 2011 Move


Android is constantly improving and adding new features to the top end, which continually forces more technological advances downmarket to mainstream users.  Soon, most phones will come with Near Field Communications (NFC) capability as a future purchasing method (Apple is also investing in this technology) and front-facing cameras for video calling. All of this in phones priced near $100 will vastly change the way media and communication are brought to the world, with Android delivering more options, in more places, at better prices.




2011 will also bring the evolution of the tablet as a force in the market, competing strongly against netbooks.  Google has stated the next version of its Android operating system, Honeycomb (Android OS 3.0), will be its first version meant to be used in the tablet space and will bridge the gap between the iPad and the netbook.  It is supposed to bring to the tablet the ability to work in a different and more optimized way than on a phone OS.




Smartphones are the future; mobility is a key resource in today's market.  With wireless networks becoming more reliable and faster with 4G speeds, it is clear that this wave is surpassing the desktop computer in terms of future growth worldwide.  Android being an open source system with Google's backing is poised to lead this transition. I'm glad to be along for the ride.

We hope you all have a great New Year and keep checking back for more Android Headlines.