Yahoo! Mail & Messenger Receive Android Updates


Yahoo! Messenger and Yahoo! Mail have recieved new updates for Android today, something I'm sure many of you have been waiting for. The updates themselves bring plenty of improvement to the features already offered by both apps. Of the updates, one of the major new features is a beta version of Video Chat for Messenger, which requires OS 2.2. As of now the Samsung Galaxy has no support for either of the apps. Also Yahoo!  says that support for MyTouch 4G and Evo 4G will recieve extra device support for this feature in the coming weeks.

Yahoo! Messenger for Android NEW features include:

  • Free Video Calls (Beta)
  • Buzz Your Friends
  • Improved Photo & Video Sharing
  • Fixes include sign out issue, notification reliability & stability

Yahoo! Mail for Android NEW features include:

  • Add Multiple Yahoo! Accounts
  • Preview photos in the inbox
  • Enhanced integration with Yahoo! Messenger
  • Fixes include notification reliability, speed & stability

If you havent used either of the apps before, head over to the Market and give them a try. You can also scan the codes in the gallery to head over and start downloading.  Here are the Android Market links (use from your device) to Mail and to Messenger.