Web 2.0 Summit Shows Gingerbread On Eric Schmidt’s Nexus S

November 16, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

We were all hoping Google CEO Eric Schmidt was going to announce Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) at today’s Web 2.0 Summit.  No dice folks, he did tell us that it would be released “in the next few weeks.” We did however get to see a few glimpses of Gingerbread running on Eric Schmidt’s “mystery device”.  All the previously leaked images seem to be right on for what we saw today.

When asked about a Nexus 2, Schmidt simple said that there will never be a Nexus 2.  However that doesn’t mean a Nexus S is out of the question.  That is exactly what Schmidt pulled out to show us a few things today.  The big bragging point was the NFC chip (Near Field Communication) that is built into the Nexus S.  The Demo did go exactly as planned, but showed how your smartphone may one day replace your credit card.

Another item of note was that Eric Schmidt was running on T-Mobile’s network.  We have all suspected that T-Mobile was going to be a launch partner for the Samsung Nexus S.  Other than this bit of confirmation, we didn’t learn any new tidbits about the new Nexus.  Single core, dual core, nothing.  Looks like we will all have to what till it comes out as the first Gingerbread laden phone.  So, who’s holding out for this bad boy?