Videos Show Off myTouch 4G’s Features. How-To Love The New myTouch

November 3, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

Motorola did it with the DEFY, and now T-Mobile does it with the myTouch 4G.  These videos show off some of the features of the myTouch 4G.  They show the HD camcorder in action, how the Genius button works, and even 2 videos on video chatting.  Those of you interested in the myTouch will find these handy in making that final decision to lay down your hard earned cash.  That is exactly what T-Mobile was trying to do, too.  These are specifically aimed at people who already are interested in the myTouch but maybe want to see how the features work first.

The well-made videos will do well to persuade consumers who are maybe on the fence.  They even show off the ability to screen-share.  Not your normal general Android scrolling and widget videos you are used to seeing.  Want to know more about the MyTouch 4G, check out our unboxing and review here, and sit back and watch the videos below.

HD camcorder and screen share

Video chat

How To Video chat

Genius button