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Today we review HTC Desire Z that was recently made available in Europe and now available in Canada via Bell Canada.  It is the successor to the ever popular and original android smart phone the HTC G1.  HTC has gone and created a masterpiece to follow-up what was the start of the android phenomenon.



In The looks department HTC did a very nice job on the Desire Z, it has a combination of aluminum and dark gray plastic but certainly looks as elegant and classy as any android smart phone.  The size was the phone is 119mm x 60.4mm x 14.16 and weighs in at 180g.  While the looks of this phone are very sharp it does feel a little bit bulky that may have something to do with the keyboard of course but it is a rather have the phone and probably feels a little heavier than the average consumer would prefer when carrying this around in your pocket.



Hardware on this phone comes with a Qualcomm MS and 7230 800 MHZ processor which to be honest at first I believe was going to be underpowered but after several testing situations this processor will definitely does not let you down and exceed expectations.  It is also powered by 512 MB ram it has an inch colonel storage space availability of 1.5 GB and of course standard on all android phones the availability to expand the external memory up to 32 GB's via the microSD card.  The phone certainly does not feel underpowered, and handles all applications smoothly with no lag.  One complaint I have maybe in general with all manufacturers is i would like to see more internal phones storage and hopefully we see this in future devices.


The display on this phone has a touch screen with and should assume capabilities that is 3.7 inches and has a resolution of 480X800 WVGA S-LCD.  While this may not be the AMOLED screen that has become so popular it's certainly does not let you down in any way with it's sharp,crisp,clear and vibrant display.



It comes with a standard battery ,Li-Ion 1300mAh that according to specs are rated up to standby time of 430 hours and talk time of up to 6H40Mins.  And real-life years I was actually very impressed with the battery life as a dad great standby time, talk time and performed very well using applications.

Operating System


The operating system that comes with the HTC desire Z is the Android 2.2 Froyo that runs very smooth on this phone and we'll see the next version of the android 2.3 gingerbread update in springtime of 2011.


For those of you that I've never used and HTC device that uses their proprietary software called HTC Sense which has plenty of options and customize stations on the phone.  Some Android phones come with software that is not needed or is really a pain to use but that is definitely not the case with the HTC Software.  The software is highly customizable with tons of options to meet the demands of a variety of users with tons of functionality.



HTC desire Z put out by bell Canada comes loaded with a lot of applications, some of them and the applications that you don't wish to have on your phone but nevertheless lot of them are very useful.  Give your rundown of some of the specialty applications that are available on this version we have the Adobe reader,  blocked callers, Cyber on Voice Commander, HTC Hub, Kobo, Let's Golf, Bells Remote PVR, Sound Hound, Bell Canada's 'Tunes and Apps', Bell Canada's 'TV and Radio' App, UNO, Wi-Fi- Hot Spot and Zoom Pass mobile payment software.  This phone also comes with the standard Android applications and as-well apps that are on all HTC phones. A Lot of users will like the selection of applications and functionality software that comes with this phone while others might feel like it's a little bloated with too much all options but that's up to personal discretion. 



This phone has an amazing qwerty keyboard that is fully illuminated when open and as for rows of keys and pretty well every function that you could imagine what qwerty keyboard.  It also is highly accurate and functional bowl and allows you to type very fast and has very good layout.  One thing that kind of stands out about this phone is the hinge on the keyboard well it does operate very smoothly does have a bit of the feeling that it could be an issue later on.The HTC Desire Z has hands down the best keyboard ever manufactured.

Web Browsing Camera and Video

The HTC desire Z as a standard HTC web browser that is perfectly fine for navigating through the Internet.  The camera itself is a 5MP, 2592X1944 pixels, auto focus, LED flash, Geo-tagging and face detection.  It is also outfitted with 720 P high-definition video capabilities.  I certainly would have been more impressed with the higher mega pixels from this phone considering that it is a successor to the G1 but most people will be very satisfied with quality of pictures.


Call Quality

Call quality was average although I did find call volume to be a little lower than some of the other HTC phones that I have used in the past.


  • Screen
  • Keyboard
  • Applications
  • Processor


  • More internal storage needed
  • Better Camera
  • Heavy

Conclusions and Final thoughts:

At the end of the day the successor to the first Android G1 phone is a success, the HTC G2  Desire Z  is a "Recommended Buy" from  While the specs of the phone will not blow you away on paper certainly real-world usage will sway your decision.  HTC did not leave out much when designing this phone and thought of everything but the kitchen sink and has made one of the finest Android smart-phones available. While there is always a few things that could be improved on any phone, I think any user would be more than happy with this phone for a very long time. If you're in the market for an Android smart-phone don't hesitate to purchase the HTC Desire Z, as it is certainly a phone that will impress entry-level users and as well experienced Smart-phone enthusiasts.

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