Thanksgiving Early From Facebook, No Phone but Major Android Update!

November 3, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

Well the Punk Genius did it again, I attended the Facebook Live Event today and at first I was bored, I even thought to myself I bet they release a Farmville MMO to compete with World Of Warcraft.  Then magic happened, and for that I am thankful, Mark spoke and the crowd silenced.  Updates, uttered from his lips and we all listened even more intent than before.

As a Android lover I was hoping for something special, he had stated that the Facebook App has been lacking for Android (which is true), but also said it was because the team was so small, so I guess that makes sense.  On that same note he was proud to announce  a nice UPDATE (that’s right) UPDATE for the Facebook App for Android which will now include Places Check-In and Groups (So I guess we can kiss Foursquare, Gowalla and the others bye bye)

Also IPhone is getting an update as well and of course Windows 7 (great for them to).  Moments later the UPDATE was pushed to the Market and I got mine all set up, I must say it runs smoother, faster and cleaner than ever before.  Lets face it the PLACES being added is sweet, and so is groups.

Also we can look forward to more APPS with single sign on, and this seemed to be the main point for this Live Event.  Just making things easier for people to connect and with our world this is a great thing and will be a much-needed thing for a very long, long, long time.

We can expect things to only get better and better for Apps and from Facebook for our Android Devices and other Devices as well.  Many new Apps are hitting the market today and later this week, as well as a SDK from Facebook so developers go develop some killer Apps.

Also there is NO Facebook Phone, lets just set that clear, but for Android there is Zynga so get those Poker Faces ready…and dont forget to update your Facebook App, as I stated above it is LIVE!

Let me know what you think of the Updated App, I am really enjoying so far and have had zero issues at the moment, plus I’m gonna tag people like crazy when I check in and do some major Fist Pumps.

Android Facebook App Updates:

Recent changes:

  • Groups:  share posts with small groups of friends
  • Places:  share where you are with friends, see where friends are, discover places nearby
  • Improved Notifications:  view comments and updates within the app
  • Various bug fixes

Download now from the market!