Super Multitasking! QuickDesk Pro Review!


App Name: QuickDesk Pro

Description: QuickDesk gives you access to an extra home screen while not having to be actually on your home screen. The application takes multitasking to another level!


How it works: The application lets you access an extra home screen by either double tapping the home button or long pressing the search button on your device. The application allows you to add any folder, widget, shortcut, and application shortcuts to an easily accessible home screen. Access the home screen when you're web browsing, on Google Maps, E-mailing, etcetera to quickly change tasks. The application also allows you to slide up the "Quick Panel" that gives you access to your recent apps. If you long press on the item on your home screen the app gives you options like force closing, removing the item, uninstalling, etc. The badge on the bottom left hand corner of the app shortcut lets you know the app is running in the background.

Opinion: The application has a lot of potential. I find myself using it more than the native Android recent app menu when I multitask. Its speedy, doesn't take up too much memory and very useful.


  • Speed (4/5) – No lags
  • Features (4/5) – shortcuts, widget support, recent apps
  • Theme (4/5) – standard android-ish
  • Overall (4/5) – Super addictive, easy to use and understand


Perfect for heavy users

Widget support, shortcuts, application shortcuts


Access the app anywhere

Tutorial for first time users



Might be a little confusing for some people

Conclusion: Once you understand how to set it up, the application becomes very handy to have, especially if you find yourself multitasking a lot. The application gives you more controls to multitask than the native Android system. Try out the free version before buying to Pro version.