SRS 5.1 Mobile Audio on the Galaxy Tab

The soon to be released Samsung Galaxy Tab is going to be hitting the market sporting some powerful audio thanks to SRS 5.1 Mobile.  Already on current Samsung Galaxy S smartphones like the Captivate, Epic and Fascinate, SRS 5.1 provides " a far more realistic, theater-like entertainment experience."

Vice President of Marketing for SRS Allen Gharapetian says "As a market leader and an innovator, Samsung has established a reputation in the industry for great performance by packing their products with premium features and state-of-the-art components, having SRS 5.1 Mobile embedded within Samsung's Galaxy Tab and Galaxy S phones not only completes the multimedia experience provided by these devices, but brings greater life, realism and vocal clarity to these products."

Features of SRS 5.1 include:

  • Accurate 5.1 virtual surround sound experience over any stereo headphones
  • Utilizes SRS Circle Surround decoder to generate the highest quality surround sound - placing left, right, center, surround left and surround right speakers accurately around the listener's head
  • SRS Dialog Clarity boosts the frequency range of the human voice in a way that lifts the dialog above the audio effects, so you can clearly hear every word that's being spoken
  • Improves overall bass response of the headphones
  • SRS WOW HDimproves the dynamic audio performance of both compressed and uncompressed audio, by expanding the size of the audio image

Another bit of good news other than awesome audio is that SRS Labs has launched a Facebook contest to give away two Galaxy S smartphones, as well as a Galaxy Tab. If you want to enter, check out the official SRS Facebook page HERE for all the details. Good luck with that.

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