Samsung Is Confident They Will Sell 1 Million Galaxy Tabs in 2010

November 5, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

It seems that Samsung doesn’t think it can sell 10 million Galaxy Tabs in 2010, as they’ve originally said. They now say they are “confident” they will sell 1 million tablets this year, which is still not too bad at all, especially when you consider their higher than expected prices. While I do think it’s slightly overpriced in USA, the Tab is going to be dramatically overpriced in Europe, with prices going up to $1100.

I still think the Galaxy Tab is using somewhat better hardware than the Apple iPad, but let’s not forget that the iPad was launched in April, while the Tab is being launched in November. I think it’s safe to assume the components don’t cost them more than it cost Apple back in spring. So I don’t see a good reason for Samsung’s overpricing, other than the fact that they want to take advantage of early adopters, the ones that have been expecting a good Android tablet for a while.

I don’t assume, like most people do, that an Android tablet should be automatically cheaper than an iPad, even if its components are much better. I think Apple has priced their tablet very competitively when they launched it, especially when you consider than the build is high quality and the screen, as well. But given how Galaxy Tab’s components shouldn’t be too expensive, I think Samsung is overpricing it.

Image: SlashGear