Samsung Galaxy Line Gets Froyo 2.2 ROM


The Samsung Galaxy line has been a major success on all four carriers and it's only getting better now that Froyo 2.2 ROMs have begun to leak. The T-Mobile variant, the Samsung Vibrant, is the first to receive the update while the Epic 4G is said to be coming soon. The first ROM comes by the way of well known community members Team Whiskey called Obsidian. They have written an enticing description outlining the major improvements the ROM comes with.

Straight From Developer:

"Obsidian is the first release of Android 2.2, Froyo, from Team Whiskey. Obsidian is a build that follows closely to its sibling releases. A fast, efficient, power house that's sure to please the daily driver and power user alike. We've combined a number of current revision technologies built into Fusion and Bionix with the speed and power of JIT. To you, the user, this means fast reflexes and quick transitions, its where your phone intersects and design meets speed.


We took the Bionix that you've enjoyed so much and incorporated the Android 2.2, Froyo, experience you've been dying for. Welcome to Obsidian."

Come on Samsung:

Although the Epic 4G version of 2.2 has been released to a select few, they do not feel it currently has the stability needed to release it to the public.  Those in the Galaxy family are hoping Samsung gives the update the necessary attention and brings Adobe Flash to the lineup in a deservedly spectacular fashion. To those who are updating their Vibrants, comment and share your experience with the new ROMs.