Rumor: Playstation 3 Really Can Do Everything - Google TV May be Coming To the Console

Recently a rumor has been circulating that the Playstation 3 could soon be capable of a lot more than its commercials advertise. According to unverified sources, the console could be receiving Google TV as an add-on. This fact has yet to be officially announced, but it could very well arrive early Spring 2011.

This add-on will do much more than give the Playstation the ability to stream shows and movies onto the device but it will also make it an all-in-one multimedia station. Right now the Xbox 360 is Playstation's main competitor and so far the Xbox has been winning this console war with its support of applications like Facebook and Twitter. Google TV will enable the Playstation to have access to apps like these and many more that could level the playing field between the two consoles.

Speculations on this kind of update are becoming solid facts even more with the announcement of the Android-based Playstation Phone and also the release of Sony's Google TV (if you're wondering what this has to do with the Playstation 3, Sony makes Playstation). This shows that the relationship between Google and Sony is becoming closer and that future Sony products will become more integrated with Google's software. That's as much evidence as there is though these ideas aren't hard facts yet. Google or Sony will need to release the official announcement which will hopefully happen in the coming months.

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