Rumor: Another Insider Confirms Samsung Dual-Core Phone


Remember the Nexus S that was supposed to hit last week, and then a rumor said it had been scrapped in favor of a dual-core version?  Here's another insider tweet saying you can double your pleasure when something Samsung this way comes.

We still don't know which dual-core processor is in play here, Samsung's own Orion announced back in September, or the Everybody Wants It NVIDIA Tegra 2.  The Orion hasn't been spotted in test phones, but has been seen via its development platform… running with Android OS 2.2 (Froyo).


One thing to note is that "Galaxy 2" model number: i9100.  The Galaxy S line is i9000, and the two model numbers we've seen for the still-uncomfirmed but much rumored Nexus S are i9010 and i9020, which could correspond to the AT&T and T-Mobile versions.  Then again, here are the model numbers for the US carrier-specific versions of the Galaxy S:

  • AT&T Captivate: SGH-I897
  • Cellular South Showcase: SCH-I500
  • Sprint Epic 4G: SPH-D700
  • T-Mobile Vibrant: SGH-T959
  • US Cellular Mesmerize: SCH-I500
  • Verizon Fascinate: SCH-I500

Yes you read that right, the Fascinate, the Showcase and the Mesmerize are essentially the same phone, branded for the respective CDMA networks.  But the point is, the Galaxy S is model i9000, yet none of these US variants stick with that numbering.  Interesting that these new related model numbers are popping up now, no?

Taylor Wimberly over at Android and Me speculates that the i9010 and i9020 are tweaks of the existing Galaxy S line, while the i9100 would be an improvement, namely a dual-core Galaxy S or successor.


So, do you think the Nexus S is the i90x0 while yet another flagship phone will arrive later in 2011?  Whatever happens, dual core phones are on the way!

Source: Android and Me