Rovio: Christmas Angry Birds, New Episode for 7 Million Android Users

November 29, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

That’s right, according to its Twitter feed, Rovio’s Angry Birds has reached an astonishing 7 million downloads just after a few weeks of its arrival on Android.

And even with free version of the Android app, don’t guess that they are not making any profit. If we assume they are earning a revenue per thousand impressions (RPM) of around $2 and generating 1 million ad impressions per day, that equals around $2k per day or $60k per month. We don’t know the actual number of impressions they get (and Adsense prevents them from sharing that info) . That’s a lot of revenue to keep them encouraged withn Android.

And there to show their determination and to thank the user across the Android world, they are planning to release a Christmas version of the game. The birds will wear Christmas hats. And in the levels, the blocks will be made of snow.  It will probably have additional 45 levels like the Halloween version on the iPhone but right now it’s just speculation.

Screenshot courtesy of

And to add to the good news, after this whole Christmas edition, episode 5 is coming

And then to the final topping of this wonderful news, there’s also the possibility of a new kind of bird on  episode 5

This will certainly keep us playing the Angry Birds. Keep up the good job, Rovio.