PlayStation Phone to Be Announced December 9th

It seems that the PS Phone will come a little earlier than expected, but even though it may be announced on December 9th, we may not see it this year. Here's how we know the PS Phone is going to be launched:

Pierre Perron and his team invite you to the most anticipated presentation of the past 10 years... Thursday, December 9th, at 8pm"

Pierre Perron is the DG of Sony Ericsson France, so the news has credibility.

The phone is rumored to have a Snapdragon CPU, and if that's true I'm not sure if I can give properly call it a gaming device, especially when soon after we'll see dual core phones with much better graphics and performance. Also, I think we should expect a dedicated market for this phone, which is not to bad if you think that those game developers will later modify their games to work for all the other phones, too, without needing a controller.

Another thing that worries me, is that SE has said that the PS Phone will come with Android 3.0, and given this early introduction of the PS Phone, I think we'll see Gingerbread at most, knowing Sony Ericsson.

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