Notion Ink Updates, Shows Video Of ScreenSaver and New Glass they are using


That is what I see when I loaded it up! THAT IS AWESOME! I can not wait. He says the video was made in house, the video is a screensaver, he talked about it last week, or at least that is what I believe he was referencing. He then gives us some updates that go like this

* Genesis is up and Running!
* GPS Navigation Software entered beta and it speaks 43 languages!
* Look at the self exploratory image on left
* Email client  (Mail'd) (we will talk more about it in a while) enters beta
* Paint + Photo Editor enters beta (along with 5 more software

Where is the logo? One of our friends sent us, a Company registration page where he found similar logo. It is impossible that the winner had seen it before, but the similarity couldn't be denied and we had to contact this firm for their confirmation that they are fine with us using the selected logo. They havent replied since then and we are still waiting (our legal team is completely against using it, cos its too similar, but if we can get permission from this firm then they have no issue).


Also, new apps are out it sounds like, a lot of these seem to be in house, this is great news, they will support their own device.



Right now it comes with all the default features you expect from it, plus better "Missing attachments", "offline mode", and "UNDO a sent email" feature.

This is one application which will get amazing updates as we enter January and will redefine things a little bit like how big an attachment can be, or when can an emailexpire, or how can you fix the time of delivery even if you don't have internet connection! Jaya (the lead and one of the better programmers at Notion Ink) is on fire and will get you these ASAP!


Sniffer: An extremely fast and handy File Browser is a must (especially if you are talking about USB drives, bluetooth etc). Personally I don't like syncing my device every time I need to show someone a presentation or an image or even to listen a new song, may be I need more freedom in how I access and use my data. And hence we have the 'Sniffer'(Murali is the Architect of this one), as shown in the image on your right (please remember, I cannot share the final images, else my investors, design and legal teams will kill me! :) ) There is a preview mode as well which works well for most of the important formats. I/O port detection is automatic and fast, and it goes well with the 3 panel layout system.

An interesting use-case: how do I transfer files/folders from one storage location to another, or may be, how to compare the contents?

On Adam, just open these 2 storage locations as panels (distinct instances) and voila!


We wanted to make Adam independent and self-reliable. That would mean it shouldn't need any other device to think, store, get updates from and rather be able to drive others. It's there now, in its genes, and all of us will see how it evolves.

Those two apps sound great, I love having a good file explorer, the one on my mac is great as well as the one on my Moto Droid, just is nice to be able to FIND THINGS!

It seems that Notion Ink has gone over a few ideas on how to reduce scratches as well, it appears they are using a better screen that shows no scratches… check this image out, it is the three tests, they are using the last glass shown.


And that nearly closes the weekend, they talk about (which will be their site)and there is an unofficial forum as well, it is located at, so maybe go browse that, like I am about to!

They leave us with this video, this is how they imagine it may boot up.



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