Notion Ink Gives Us A New Site To Look At, FLASHY

November 24, 2010 - Written By Mike Corbett

About a day or so ago, (also try both started working, one is mostly for India. The site is really nice, it really gives the new Adam device potential, it has a few videos of things to come, mostly everything says coming soon.

There is a nice new specs pages with everything inside and out. They also give reasoning as to why they went the way they did with certain things, things such as the curve of the device and camera placement! I won’t spoil too much here, you should go to it yourself.

There is the demo video of the rainstorm screensaver and a few other things.

Above are screenshots from my computer of the site! Sleek looking, right? I really like the look and how everything feels interactive, it really is a good design and shows off the Adam in a fun way that excites you.

So go on, browse away!