Nexus One will be the One and Only!

So just when everybody got their hopes up about the N2(Nexus 2) it's been quickly snatched away from us (kinda like given a baby a nice warm bottle and quickly snatching it away). The Nexus One was a great phone I my self didn't own one but I had the chance to play around with my friends and I have to say I was very impressed. Just a couple of days ago it seemed that previous owners would be given the chance to get their hands on yet a new Nexus One. High Hopes began to sore when pictures began to surface along with some possible specs. What happened? Samsung came along and made it publicly clear that the rumors where simple untrue, that's what happened.

It was so believable because of the pictures that began floating around some even feature in are very own sites stories. It would seem somebody made the photos(Jerk!) and some how they got out online either intentionally or unintentionally. Either way the it looks like the N2 will be a no show. I guess Google wasn't bluffing when they said the Nexus line would be discontinued.

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